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Rain makes everything taste better. In undeniable fashion, it meddles with our senses, cajoles our innermost likes and desires.

Rain makes coffee divine.

Steam slowly rising from a 16 oz paper cup is glorious against the backdrop of droplets of cold rain painting themselves onto window panes.

photo by time

No cream, no sugar, no half-and-half, no Splenda. Just black. To perfectly match the incongruous clouds drift away in their dark splendor. The first sip is heavenly. Slight burn on the lips, that’s okay. The first note jolts your tongue, slightly acidic, not burnt. It’s like a warm campfire spreading in your mouth. The fire roars down your throat, beckoning for a second, third gulp.

Rain makes pho…well, rain completes pho.

Hot bowl of broth with soft noodles and various meats, innards and tendon – you cannot go wrong. The broth is steaming, close to boiling hot. Quickly, you marry the broth with fresh bean sprouts, green onions, white onions, Thai basil, and hot peppers. You nervously run your chopsticks through the bowl, eying the fresh herbs as they merrily wilt into the beefy abyss. Bless them, there is plenty of cilantro.

A splash of lime. Maybe a dash of Sriracha.

The tendon, tripe, rare steak, fatty flank, tripe. Just melts away as you devour this creation one spoonful at a time.

Rain hits you in different spots.

Memories found, thoughts provoked, journeys interrupted.

But most of all, rain calls for something hot.

Why not a cup of joe and some pho.

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