Today marks the last day of the first full year of I Am Not A Lawyer. This site first started as an outlet for reminiscing my one-year anniversary of the New York bar exam. Since then, I have written about everything from suicide in Korea to traditional kimchi making to specialty coffee. Random is the appropriate adjective to describe the content of this site to date. I wrote about whatever that came to mind, and that usually meant food, coffee and travel, but not always. That is how I intended the site to be, unbound by topic areas, a whiteboard with no limits and no checks. Good food, good coffee, and great company.

The first full year for the site was definitely an exciting one. The number of subscribers and overall traffic ballooned tremendously. My travel essay on coffee was fortunately selected as a Freshly Pressed post by WordPress editors, and my interview with Jodi Ettenberg was featured on her site Legal Nomads, both of which helped expose the site to a broader audience. I’ve fiddled with shooting and editing short videos, and even attempted to start a photo series on line cooks. I thank you for putting up with sporadic content, both in terms of subject matter and frequency. Your comments and re-blogs have been more than encouraging, and having an audience to write for is more than an incentive to continue eating, brewing, thinking, and scribbling. So thank you.

In the coming year, I hope to narrow the focus of the site, to focus more on coffee, cafes, and life that revolves around coffee. Yes, there still could be more food porn to come, and yes, there could be some random ramblings at times. But expect more coffee reviews, cafe designs, and interviews with influential coffee people. With a new layout and a bottomless basket of ideas, I hope to share informative, inspiring posts with you about living the “coffee life.” The site is still a work in progress – design, content, everything. The process is painfully self-defining in nature, but I hope the outcome is a worthwhile site for you to come back to.

Here’s to a thankful year, and another great one ahead.

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The package arrived a few days behind schedule, and my anticipation had reached its limits. I tore open the box, and there it was, my first Lomo lc-a camera. What a thing of beauty it was.

That was seven years ago. Day and night, my Lomo was on my fingertips, accompanying me to mountains, lakes, restaurants, parking lots. What attracted me was Lomo’s portrayal of color.

The Lomo soaks up primary colors in their most complete and robust form, to later spit them back out in the most dream-like manner. Some cameras are better at spewing reds, others are better at greens and blues. Handled correctly, you obtain the “tunnel effect”, where the focus is sharpest towards the center of the shot and and edges are darkened and blurred.

I haven’t touched my Lomo at all lately (years). As I rummage through some old shots, the Lomo’s portrayal of the sky still shocks me as inspirational, genuine, majestic, warm, cold, cunning, thoughtful, provocative, pure and dreamy.

So I share with you some of those cuts.

The sky is said to have a thousand faces.

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