human being.

  1. Vanessa Fu said:

    Hey,just want 2 say that I enjoy your posts on the New York Bar Exam, I took it in July and now waiting painfully 4 the results :s

    Good blog!

    • Thanks Vanessa! Waiting was the toughest part, especially because I didn’t have a job lined up. You’ll get through it. Good luck!

    • The lawyer part, musician part, writer part, or all of the above? In any event, thank you for visiting!

  2. Just read an article about you on Legal Nomad. I too am a lawyer with a passion on the side. Would love to meet for drinks sometime.

  3. Hi, Your compliments on my blog and writing style truly made my week! I have had a lousy few days, and always hope others out there appreciate my writing style. As far as my design, I chose it from WP. Going to self host soon, so there may be a makeover 😉
    I look forward to more posts from you. Cheers! -Mary

  4. Amee said:

    I loved your piece on Legal Nomads. And I love that your tag is “theoriginalsung”. Very interested in reading your blog. Also as “not a lawyer” I am glad that I’m not alone in my determination to find a creative outlet that lasts!

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