Tim Wendelboe for Home Baristas

Tim Wendelboe.

I have only heard legends of him. Supposedly the best Nordic roaster. Owner of supposedly one of the best Nordic coffee houses. Supplier of coffee to Noma, the Copenhagen restaurant heralded as the best in the world.

Sadly enough, there is no way I can take part of this legend, as I have not yet tried any of Tim Wendelboe’s coffees. Alas, the perils of international shipping! But I have no doubt that the man, and his beans, will live to fulfill – and outdo – the hype. If someone would just send me a bag of his goodies, I would gladly indulge in documenting this as a matter of fact. Only if.

In the meantime, Mr. Wendelboe has been busy shooting a 14-video series for “home baristas,” as reported by Daily Coffee News. The series, produced and hosted by the Norwegian news agency Aftenposten, covers everything from brewing equipment to farming and processing in Colombia. A sneak preview of the series, which begins on February 28, is available here. The only problem is that the series will be in Norwegian. If someone would be kind enough to provide closed-captioning, the world would be a much warmer place.

For those that are not familiar with Mr. Wendelboe and his coffee house, here is a short video from Monocle that will make you want to book that next flight to Oslo.

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