Legal Nomads’ Thrillable Hours

“Stop being an asshole and you will start having fun.”

That sums up my interview for the Legal Nomads series “Thrillable Hours.” Founder Jodi Ettenberg epitomizes a major truth of why I started this blog – to document lawyers in the act of not lawyering. A former corporate lawyer in New York, Jodi left her practice to eat her way through the vast unknown, writing about her devourable moments on her site. She has also authored the book “The Food Traveler’s Handbook,” in which she preaches why food is the ultimate prism in viewing our world of many cultures. If you have not already, check it out here. Jodi was a joy to work with, and I hope to conjure up another deliciously creative project in the near future.

“Thrillable Hours” features ex-lawyers who have left the practice of law, or current lawyers like me with multiple identities beyond the reach of the law. Many wonderful people were interviewed before me, doing incredible things I may never achieve. Reading their stories have left a lasting imprint on my thoughts, and I hope you will discover a similar jolt in yours, lawyer or not. I tried to answer the questions as honestly as possible, and the process was most rewarding to me and allowed me to reflect deeply into the last few years and the years ahead.

What an honor. You can read the full interview here on Legal Nomads.

  1. tamara said:

    I’ve really enjoyed Jodi’s Thrillable Hours series, and it was great to read your interview. I’m trying to be a lawyer (graduated a year ago with no long-term employment, eek!), but also really interested in perhaps instead pursuing other passions. It was really helpful to read about how you’ve done both, and I’ll enjoy reading your blog regularly now! Thanks!

    • Thanks Tamara. Follow the law only if you have the passion to become a lawyer, not because “a JD could be useful later on.” Partially true statement, but lawerly passion will carry you far. But above all, you are you before you’re a lawyer, so pursue something that allows you to “create.”

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