Driving across Memorial Bridge at 10 pm never gets old. The Potomac glistens under the pale moon on both sides, and the Lincoln Memorial glows majestically.

I was hoping for more solitude around the memorial, but crowds of tourists and locals alike were chattering, walking, sitting, picture-taking, and everything in between.

As I sit on the top of the marble steps, looking down at the pool reflecting the Washington Monument, I think to myself, there’s no better way to spend a precious Sunday night of a long weekend. Rain comes in droplets, but hell, that makes it even better. Thoughts and no-thoughts. One second, twelve-and-a-half thoughts rush through my clogged head. The next moment, I am blank, filled with nothing more than what’s in front of me, and the cool droplets gaining presence.

I walk away. Full. Content.

Life is perception. Faith is perception. Walking up the marble stairs, sitting atop the marble stairs, walking down the marble stairs, leaving it all behind.

Just perception.


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