burgers (and what makes them great)

There are two general types of burgers: juicy and messy, and quaint and neat. Ever since studying for the bar, I’ve had streaks of unmanageable cravings for burgers, and I’ve made my share of trips around various burger joints in the DC area. One thing is clear for me: a good burger is juicy and messy.

None of this bento box, tiny, neat burgers that I finish in two bites (sorry Shake Shack). I’m talking about grease dripping, cheeze oozing, bacon smearing mountains that require you to hunch down and plant your face in them.

I haven’t been to The Burger Joint in a while. When I was living in Northwest DC, I used to venture down to Dupont on an “N” bus to grab a bite now and then. Now I usually settle for a Glory Burger at Glory Days (which is also delicious with a juicy patty, strips of bacon, and a sunny-side-up egg).

This is for the good times at The Burger Joint.

the burger joint from jacob on Vimeo.

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